Did you know that we have an official desktop client?

pop-paste is a simple, open-source client for the Pop!_Paste written by Isantop. It's written in Python and is available through the Pop!_Planet Community Repo.

Installing from the repo

$ curl -s https://apt.pop-planet.info/key.asc | sudo apt-key add -
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install pop-paste

A couple of usage examples:

  • Paste some text to the pastebin:
    pop-paste "This is some text to paste to the paste bin" --title "Title of this paste"
  • Paste a file to the pastebin:
    cat /path/to/a/file | pop-paste --title "A File from the command line"
  • Paste the output of a command to the pastebin:
    some-command-with-long-output | pop-paste --title "Helpfully shortened pastebin"

You can see all of the available options using pop-paste -h